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The project

This website is about the EduSenior project entitled "Evaluation toolkit on seniors education to improve their quality of life". This partnership is made up by 7 European institutions and it was supported by the Lifelong Learning Programme oof the European Commission, reference 518227-LLP-1-2011-1-ES-GRUNDTVIG-GMP. It started in November 2011 and finished in January 2014.

The EduSenior project aims to improve the quality of educational institutions that are currently offering courses and activities aimed at senior learners (retired from labour market, usually 65+), or would like to introduce learning activity for this group.

We have worked to prepare a guide and evaluation toolkit that will be useful for educational institutions, but also to innovate in the field of education for seniors. The final target of these products is senior learners, who will receive more effective education of the highest quality.

Relevant outcomes

Here are the most relevant products and information available on this website.

General information

Dissemination materials such as posters and flyers are useful to get a general idea about the project (mainly in English).

  • The booklet (10-page short guide) explains the project framework and the main outcomes.
  • The poster, gives a general idea of the project
  • Videos and other resources useful for learners, evaluators, trainers, etc.
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Analysis and research

During the first phase of the project, analysis and research were carried out into the subjects of senior education and quality of life.

The reports are available to download (mainly in English).

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The research conducted as part of this project has resulted in innovation in the field of education for senior citizens. It has been published in a range of different media:

  • Conferences and scientific journals
  • Workshops and other events
  • Networks

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Evaluation toolkit

The most relevant products of the project are the Guide and Evaluation Toolkit. You can download them from following links:

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This project was funded with support from the European Commission

This web-site and its content reflect the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Lifelong learning programme (EACEA)
Education and training web-site (European Commission)

Bulletin Board

The project has [not] finished

This project ended on 31.01.2014, but we are still working !!!. Follow us on Twitter to know what's happening and join our network to use and improve the EduSenior results.

Guide and evaluation toolkit

You can download the Guide and the Toolkit and other resources in PDF

See the project at a glance

Click on the poster to see the project process, results and impact in one single view.